Fibre Broadband
For Rural Ireland

Delivering high-speed internet to the midlands for over 18 years.


Our customers notice an IMMEDIATE difference


We are NOT your average broadband provider


Enjoy COMFORT and peace of mind with local support

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    Fibre Broadband For The Midlands

    Lightning Fast, Incredibly Reliable Broadband, With The  Comfort of Local Support

    Fibre Broadband For Farms

    Fast broadband for rural Irish businesses, built by people who know farming.

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    Fibre Broadband For Gamers

    Fibre Broadband For Gamers

    Experience ultra-fast fibre internet for UNINTERRUPTED GAMING in the midlands.

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    Family Fibre Broadband - Wireless Connect

    Fibre Broadband For Families

    Super safe, super fast fibre broadband built for rural families in the midlands

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    Work From Home Fibre Broadband

    Notice an IMMEDIATE difference in your workday with super fast fibre broadband.

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    Our team will stop at nothing to get you connected.


    Constructed Masts

    Square KM Covered

    Years In Business

    100% Irish Owned

    Committed to keeping rural Ireland at the forefront of digital advancement.

    FASTER Upload Speeds

    Our 500Mbps fibre package is TWICE AS FAST at sending streaming video and uploading files versus other popular providers including Eir, Vodafone, and Sky.

    Prioritise Work Traffic

    We priorities your VPN, Zoom, Teams & Work App traffic for reliable connectivity even if your family are gaming, watching 4k content & have a lot of devices connected.

    Fast Internet in Every Room!

    Our highly skilled and experienced engineers will set up your home broadband for optimum performance so you get super fast internet in every room!

    Eliminate WiFi Dead Spots

    Our team can perform WiFi spectrum analysis on your home to ensure any wireless interference is identified and fixed to ensure your WiFi performs optimally.

    Our Uniquely Skilled Support Team Has Been Connecting Rural Ireland To Fast Broadband For 18+ Years

    Dedicated Broadband Buddy

    Making all this easier!


    Choosing the right package


    Mesh WiFi setup for whole home coverage


    Tracking installation progress


    Connecting all of your devices


    Answering all of your questions post-install

    WiFi 6 Generation Technology

    Our Super Mesh WiFi Makes An Immediate Difference!


    1.8 Gbps Dual-Band Speeds


    Full Gigabit Ethernet Ports


    EasyMesh Compatible


    Experience Lower Latency


    WPA3 Passwords

    Get Connected

    Get Fibre Broadband With A Difference

    Do you have critical client meetings that you cannot miss? Are you sick of commuting when your internet is faulty? Our specifically designed Work From Home Broadband packages deliver the fast, dependable broadband service you need to boost your productivity.