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Our story…

20 years of commitment to rural Irish communities.

2005 – The Idea!

It all started with the little idea of helping rural Ireland get connected.

2006 - The Celtic Tiger Roars

Our beginnings  – 1Mbps Broadband

  • In the heart of Ireland’s economic boom, we found ourselves ignited by a resolute vision. We saw a digital divide sweeping through our rural communities and we wanted to change that
  • Believing firmly in the power of connectivity, we launched Wireless Connect. Our aim was simple, yet ambitious – to bring high-speed broadband to every nook and cranny of rural Ireland
  • We began our journey towards digital transformation, building a network of rural masts from the ground up driven by a sense of progress and duty to our communities, and encouraged by local support
  • Here at Wireless Connect, we don’t see ourselves as any other broadband service provider. We’re your neighbours, striving to connect you to the world
2008 - The Bubble Bursts!

We hold strong – 4mbps broadband

  • When the bubble burst in 2008, things got tough. Yet, amid the turmoil, the gloom of job losses, and economic downturn we saw an opportunity to bring a little more light into homes.
  • We increased our rural broadband speed to 4Mbps to meet the growing demands of our rural communities. We restructured, strategised, and found our stride in adversity.
  • We grew, in spite of the crisis, standing strong, and remaining committed to our duty of connecting rural Ireland, supported by the resilience and fortitude of our communities.
2010 - Emigration Skyrockets

Connecting families abroad – 10mbps broadband

  • As emigration rates soared in 2010, many families were stretched thin across continents. Distances grew, but so did the need for connection.
  • More than ever, parents and grandparents yearned to see their loved ones who had left in search of work. At Wireless Connect, we bore witness to this deep-rooted desire for family ties.
  • Responding to this new reality, we upgraded our broadband to 10Mbps and refocused on delivering excellent support. Our aim was to ensure seamless and effortless virtual reunions, allowing loved ones to share laughter, tears, and stories across the miles.
  • We understood that we were not just providing a service, but a lifeline of love, holding families together in challenging times. That became the spirit of Wireless Connect: to connect more than just devices; to connect hearts and loved ones.
2017 - Water Charges Abolished

Supporting green shoots & tech trends – 30mbps broadband

  • By 2017, Ireland was awakening from the long sleep of recession. Businesses were eager for growth, migrating to the cloud, while media streaming and online gaming experienced a technological explosion. Rural Ireland needed us, and we were ready.
  • We stepped up our game, raising our broadband speed to 30Mbps. Our aim was to support the burgeoning tech trends and ensure our rural communities never lagged behind.
  • We wanted the world of cloud computing, HD streaming, and interactive gaming to be as accessible in the rolling Irish countryside as in bustling urban centres.
  • At Wireless Connect, we believe in empowering our rural communities to leap forward into digital growth and to thrive in the era of high-speed information.
2019 - Covid Starts in China

We Double Down – 100mbps broadband

  • As the shadow of Covid-19 loomed large, we found ourselves in uncharted waters. Knowing well that an imminent lockdown would make every day feel like the busiest day of the year, we had a choice to make. Many capitalised on the predicament, upping their prices and strictly enforcing usage policies, blaming the pandemic for slow speeds
  • That’s not who we are at Wireless Connect. Instead, we went into overdrive. We dug more fibre trenches, scaled more masts, installed more dished, all with the aim of fortifying our network for the surge in bandwidth demand
  • We upgraded our broadband speed to an ambitious 100Mbps, ensuring that our customers stayed connected regardless of the circumstances
  • Despite the challenges, we held our ground. Our team worked tirelessly, going beyond the call of duty to install, repair, and support our customers confined to their homes.
  • Looking back, that time of intense effort and resilience not only strengthened our bond with our customers, but also solidified our sense of pride in our own identify
2021 - Joe Biden is Inaugurated

Next-Level Speed For Rural Ireland – 1Gbps broadband

  • In 2021, as new leadership dawned in America, we made a groundbreaking move at home, elevating our broadband speed from 100Mbps to a staggering 1Gbps.
  • This wasn’t just about faster downloads or smoother streaming but about equipping rural Ireland with urban-level connectivity.
  • This bold shift helped to ensure seamless remote work, online education, and access to digital services for our communities. Our aim was not just to keep pace with the urban world; but to commit to keeping rural Ireland at the forefront of digital advancement.
2023 - Inflation Pressure Ramps Up

We resist price pressure – 2Gbps broadband

  • As inflation hit new heights in 2023, businesses across the country felt the squeeze. At Wireless Connect, we were not immune. But even in the face of escalating costs, we made a crucial decision – we would not pass the burden onto our communities
  • Yet, our commitment wasn’t just to hold prices steady. We wanted to give more. So, we doubled our broadband speed, launching an outstanding 2Gbps service. We knew our customers needed reliable, fast connectivity, now more than ever, and we were determined to provide it without imposing financial strain
  • Our ethos is about more than just connectivity; it’s about community, resilience, and standing together in challenging times. We’re not just offering a service; we’re your neighbours – steadfast and committed to your needs
  • Through thick and thin, we’re with you, for you
2024 - Always Evolving

Leading the charge – For families, farms, gamers & remote workers

  • In a world where technology is always advancing, standing still is not an option. Committed to keeping rural Ireland in stride with these rapid changes, we at Wireless Connect broadened our horizon in 2024.
  • This year, we’ve launched an array of fibre products designed specifically to cater to the varied needs of our unique customers. From families and gamers to farms and remote workers, we made sure everyone had a solution tailored for them.
  • We introduced safety add-ons to ensure secure connectivity, and invested in best-in-class technology to enhance the broadband experience.
  • We will continuously evolve to keep our rural communities not just connected, but thriving in the digital age. Our dedication to you is the fuel for our innovation, and together we’ll continue leading the charge towards a better-connected future.

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