Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Rural Broadband In Ireland

by | Oct 20, 2023 | Rural Broadband

Finding dependable rural broadband in Ireland is a key issue for many, including families, homebuyers and remote workers living outside the main cities and towns. While the countryside may be an idyllic place to live, it does present some hurdles in terms of stable internet connectivity, especially given the increasing use of online platforms for work and play.

In this article, we highlight some common errors made by people during their search for broadband in rural Ireland – and how to avoid them!


Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Rural Broadband In Ireland - Infographic - SM - Wireless Connect


The rising demand for rural broadband in Ireland


The Internet has become an integral part of our daily activities, with online education and remote work being notably significant. A survey by the Central Statistics Office of Ireland revealed that nearly a quarter of the workforce was still working remotely in the third quarter of 2022. This is just one noteworthy statistic that serves to highlight the importance of reliable broadband in rural areas.


Common mistakes made when choosing rural broadband in Ireland


Choosing any broadband – let alone rural broadband – in Ireland, requires a mindful approach to avoid common missteps. Let’s delve into some common mistakes people often make during this process, and explore ways to sidestep them for a smooth, uninterrupted online experience in the countryside.


Not researching the service provider


A common mistake is not thoroughly researching potential service providers; a step that is crucial for rural residents who may have limited options due to their remote locations. While it might be tempting to choose well-known providers, it’s vital to check reviews, customer feedback and independent ratings to gauge their actual service performance and reliability. This will give peace of mind surrounding their ability to effectively service more isolated areas.


Overlooking data limitations


Selecting plans with limited data can be a significant oversight, especially for rural households where multiple users might be relying on a single connection for streaming, gaming or video conferencing. For example, a survey by the CSO found that over nine in every ten (94%) internet users used the internet every day, emphasising the importance of understanding your household usage and ensuring you select a provider that can meet this demand. This rings particularly true in rural settings where alternative connection options might be scarce.


Ignoring contract details


Not paying close attention to contract details can lock users into unsuitable plans; a particularly pertinent issue for rural homes where changing providers might be more complex due to limited availability. This includes understanding the contract duration, any penalties for early termination, and the ability to modify the plan as needed – all integral factors for flexibility in environments where internet usage might be subject to fluctuations and changes.


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Sacrificing speed for cost


While finding a cost-effective plan is important, sacrificing speed can negatively impact the user experience. This is particularly applicable in the case of high-bandwidth activities, which might be the primary form of entertainment or communication in rural locales. It’s important to find a balance between affordability and the necessary speed to ensure smooth digital interactions for work, education or leisure, especially in areas where physical access to these services might be limited.


Not considering future needs


Choosing a broadband plan without considering future needs can lead to eventual shortcomings. As households and digital reliance grow, the initial plan may become insufficient, so it’s important to think ahead during the selection process, especially in rural areas where upgrading plans or switching providers might come with additional logistical challenges due to geographical constraints.


Neglecting customer service quality


Choosing cost over customer service quality can be detrimental – and never more so than during technical issues or outages, which may be more frequent or last longer in rural areas as a result of infrastructural limitations. It’s crucial to ensure the provider offers quick, efficient and supportive customer service to maintain consistent operation, even in the face of connectivity issues.


Not assessing hidden costs of rural broadband in Ireland


Hidden costs, like installation fees, equipment rental, or additional service charges, can unexpectedly increase the cost of a broadband plan. For rural residents, who might already be facing premium charges due to their remote locations, a clear breakdown of all potential costs is essential to avoid unexpected expenses and ensure true affordability, allowing them to budget effectively for a vital service.


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Choosing the right rural broadband in Ireland, while navigating through various options and avoiding common mistakes, is crucial for reliable, high-quality digital connectivity.

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We’re not just about connecting homes; we’re committed to providing consistently excellent, reliable and community-focused service. Contact us today and let us ensure your connection to the digital world is uninterrupted, no matter where in rural Ireland you might be.


Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Rural Broadband In Ireland - Infographic - SM - Wireless Connect