The Benefits Of High-Speed Broadband In Rural Ireland

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Rural Broadband

For many years, not having access to high-speed broadband in rural Ireland has been a bone of contention for residents living in these remote areas of the country, particularly in counties like Kildare, Laois, Offaly and Tipperary.

Homeowners in these regions often contend with the challenges of dropped connections, slow download speeds and overall poor quality of internet service. This is where high-speed broadband in rural Ireland can be a real game-changer, significantly improving the quality of life and creating opportunities for locals.


The Benefits Of High-Speed Broadband In Rural Ireland - Infographic - SM - Wireless Connect


The benefits of high-speed broadband in rural Ireland


Boosts economic growth


A robust high-speed broadband connection can be a catalyst for economic growth in rural communities. It can boost the local economy by attracting new businesses, fostering job growth, and encouraging entrepreneurship. With increased connectivity, rural areas become attractive destinations for start-ups and small businesses, creating jobs and stimulating economic development.


Facilitates global access for local businesses


High-speed broadband also opens the door to the global market for businesses. Suddenly, even the most rural businesses can reach international audiences, driving growth and expansion. With reliable internet, they can connect with customers, suppliers and colleagues around the world without leaving their doorstep. Faster speeds and increased connectivity also enable real-time market information access, making informed decisions and increasing marketing opportunities.


Advances education through distance learning


Modern education is no longer confined to the traditional classroom. With high-speed broadband, rural students have the opportunity to access world-class educational resources from anywhere. Broadband helps them overcome geographical limitations, allowing them to enrol in online courses, engage in interactive learning, and connect with peers and educators worldwide. This “anytime, anywhere” access to education levels the playing field for those in rural areas.


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High-speed broadband in rural Ireland helps promote a healthier work-life balance


With high-speed broadband, the opportunity for remote work is no longer a distant dream for rural residents. The flexibility to work from home allows individuals to strike a healthier work-life balance, reducing stress related to long commutes and increasing the time spent with family. Moreover, it provides the chance to pursue healthier lifestyles, with time for regular exercise, home-cooked meals and activities that promote personal well-being. Thus, high-speed broadband can significantly contribute to overall health and well-being in rural communities.


Broadens access to online services


High-speed broadband dramatically broadens access to a wealth of online services for rural residents. Whether it’s booking a doctor’s appointment, attending a virtual fitness class, shopping online, or accessing digital government services, a reliable internet connection brings these conveniences right into their homes. This significantly enhances their quality of life and saves invaluable time and resources, making high-speed broadband a necessity for rural living in today’s digital age.


The power of high-speed broadband in rural Ireland


With the rural population of Ireland seeing a 2% increase since 2016, and with remote working becoming the new normal, it is more important than ever to ensure that these demographics and trends are facilitated with high-speed broadband.

As mentioned previously, access to high-speed broadband in rural communities can unlock a multitude of benefits. From boosting economic growth and fostering job creation to improving access to healthcare and expanding educational opportunities, the positive impact of reliable broadband is undeniable.


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The Benefits Of High-Speed Broadband In Rural Ireland - Infographic - SM - Wireless Connect