8 Positives That Fast Rural WiFi Brings To The Irish Countryside

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Rural WiFi

For many in Ireland’s more remote regions, access to fast rural WiFi has always been a challenge as connectivity often lags far behind urban areas. According to the recent Broadband Connectivity Survey 2023 by the Commission for Communication Regulation, 33% of respondents based in a rural setting regularly experience issues with broadband speed, often resulting in no access for periods.

However, significant change is afoot thanks to the emergence of new and improved fast rural WiFi packages. This new connectivity option promises to transform the daily lives of rural residents, offering substantial improvements in various sectors ranging from education and healthcare to business and community engagement.

The potential impact of fast rural WiFi is massive, promising to reduce the digital divide and subtly promote new opportunities and gradual growth throughout rural communities.



8 positive effects of using fast rural WiFi in Ireland



1. Broadening the horizons of rural education


A great example of this impact is how fast rural WiFi is revolutionising education in rural Ireland. It’s not just about connecting students to the world; it’s about bringing the world to their doorsteps.

Enhanced connectivity means access to a diverse array of online educational platforms, resources and global learning communities. It’s levelling the playing field, giving rural students the same opportunities for learning and growth as their urban counterparts. This digital inclusion makes way for a more informed, educated and competitive generation, ready to take on global challenges.


2. Catalysing rural entrepreneurship


For rural businesses, reliable internet is more than a utility; it’s a vital artery for growth and sustainability. Fast rural WiFi enables local businesses to establish a solid online presence, use cloud services and implement digital tools, boosting productivity and expanding market reach.

This in turn not only strengthens the local economy but also integrates it more closely with the national and global markets.


3. Facilitating remote work and balanced lifestyles


The flexibility to work remotely – a privilege once limited to urban areas – is now a reality in the countryside, thanks to fast rural WiFi.

This shift is not just about work; it’s about lifestyle. It enables individuals to find a better balance between their professional and personal lives, reducing commuting stress and opening up diverse job opportunities without the need for relocation.


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4. Transforming rural healthcare


Access to healthcare is a significant challenge in rural areas. Fast rural WiFi bridges this gap by facilitating telehealth services and remote health monitoring.

Aside from the sheer convenience it allows, it is saving lives by providing timely medical advice and access to specialists that might otherwise be out of reach.


5. Building stronger rural communities


Fast rural WiFi is also a tool for community building. It supports digital governance platforms, facilitating civic engagement and democratic participation. And, it allows residents to stay informed about local news and events, promoting a sense of community and shared identity.


6. Enriching family life


The impact of fast rural WiFi extends into the family home, offering educational resources for all ages and a plethora of entertainment options. It supports digital learning for children and adults alike and provides access to a world of information and connectivity.


7. Promoting sustainable rural living


Sustainability is key in rural areas, and fast rural WiFi is a powerful ally in this quest. It provides access to information and tools necessary for assessing and managing environmental impacts and promotes the adoption of sustainable practices at a community level.


8. Enhancing local education and lifelong learning


Fast rural WiFi is not just for the young; it’s for all ages. It supports adult education and lifelong learning initiatives, providing resources for local educators and encouraging a culture of continuous learning and improvement.


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