Why Fixed Wireless Is The Best Solution For Rural WiFi In Ireland

by | Aug 10, 2023 | Rural WiFi

In an era marked by rapid technological progression, the need for dependable broadband – especially rural WiFi in Ireland – is more evident than ever. Given the steady growth of the remote workforce, this connectivity acts as a key element in bridging the gap between urban and rural areas.

However, many locations around the country are still tied to inconsistent and subpar internet solutions. This is where fixed wireless technology steps in, offering a fresh approach to rural connectivity.


Why Fixed Wireless Is The Best Solution For Rural WiFi In Ireland - Infographic - SM - Wireless Connect


Understanding fixed wireless internet


At its core, fixed wireless internet operates via radio signals that transmit data between two fixed points: the service provider’s access point and the consumer’s premises. As outlined in one of our previous articles, this contrasts starkly with traditional broadband, which relies on physical cables such as copper or fibre-optic.

The key advantage of fixed wireless? It eliminates the need for a physical link between the provider and the user, making it a practical solution for areas where laying cables is a logistical challenge.


Why fixed wireless is a great solution for rural WiFi in Ireland


Despite their scenic allure, rural areas in Ireland have long faced difficulties with patchy internet access. Let’s explore how fixed wireless broadband provides the perfect solution to this problem.


Unaffected by distance


Traditional wired connections can wane over long distances, causing a dip in connection quality. Fixed wireless broadband, however, harnesses radio signals, ensuring a uniform and robust connection, regardless of the remoteness of the user’s location.


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Faster installation


Digging up landscapes and the lengthy process of setting cables are characteristics of traditional wired broadband installations. On the other hand, fixed wireless only requires an outdoor antenna to receive signals. This not only ensures minimal disruption but also results in faster setup times – a major benefit for keen rural homeowners.


High-speed internet access


In today’s digital age, streaming and online collaboration are as integral to our lives as any daily activity. High-speed internet is far from a luxury – it is now a necessity. Fixed wireless ensures that rural residents aren’t left behind in the digital rat race, but instead enjoy the same digital advantages as those in urban areas.




One notable advantage of fixed wireless is its affordability. Without the requirement for extensive cabling, the costs are considerably reduced. Traditional wired broadband often comes with higher installation and maintenance expenses.

In contrast, fixed wireless provides equivalent speed and reliability, but at a fraction of the price. This cost-effectiveness positions fixed wireless as the ideal solution for rural homeowners seeking both affordable and reliable high-speed internet.


Perfect for remote working


The rise of remote working has not only changed the way we operate professionally but also magnified the importance of dependable internet connections.

A recent Irish Times article reported that a quarter of Ireland’s workers now operate from home most of the time. And so, as homes transform into makeshift offices, the demand for high-quality, steadfast internet grows exponentially.

Fixed wireless, known for its consistent and steady speeds, proves to be an invaluable tool for those working from home. It ensures that video calls remain uninterrupted, large file transfers occur without a hitch, and collaboration tools function optimally, mimicking the seamlessness of an office environment, even from rural settings.


Wireless Connect is your provider of reliable rural WiFi in Ireland


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Why Fixed Wireless Is The Best Solution For Rural WiFi In Ireland - Infographic - SM - Wireless Connect